1997/98 AFCW CFL

9798ChiltonianAFCW 9789Win


1997/98 AFC Wallingford Officers & Committee

President: K Lester

Vice Presidents: Mr R P Calloway, Mr G Walker, Mr R Rowse

Hon Life Members: Mr Albert Miles

Chairman: E L Townsend

Vice Chairman: John Ham

Secretary: Mr Eddie Gniadek

Treasurer: E L Townsend

Match Secretary: Geoff Lee

Programme Editor: Andy Ham

Commercial Manager: John Flower

Club Physio: Colin Dolton

1st Team Manager: Larry Hill

1st Team Assistant Manager: Mark Bonner

Reserve Team Manager: Mark Hoskins

Reserve Team Assistant Manager: Dave Greenaway

A Team Manager: Charlie Allum

A Team Assistant Manager: Lee Crook

U18’s Manager: Dave Dixon

U18’s Assistant Manager: Bob Milner

U17’s Manager: Graham Woollard

U17’s Assistant Manager: Daniel Antonowicz

Committee Members: Ian Bell, Alan Brannan, Lee Crook, Iain Darby, Colin Dolton, Andrew Marshall, Richard May, Bob Milner, Andrew Nobes, David Quinn, Chris Rusher, Steven Sherwood, Graham Woollard. Co-op members: Annabelle Wiltshire, Mark Bonner



18th October 1997:
Reading Evening Post Junior Cup,
Rabson Rovers v AFC Wallingford Reserves

15th November 1997:
Reading Evening Post Jubilee Cup,
AFC Wallingford ‘A’ 4  Sonning Common Reserves 3

9798Gurneys9798Cowan9798Bridge Villa9798L&F9798RSBHAJW

Changing Rooms Extended

Planning Permission for Floodlights submitted

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